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9 Websites for Creative Gift Ideas

Inevitably, every holiday season, there’s someone on your list who stumps you. Maybe even multiple people (eek). If you’ve exhausted all of your usual haunts, and you’re still stuck on gift ideas, these sites may help. They’re some of my favorites for coming up with fun, unexpected-yet-awesome gifts.

For the girly girl: Draper James

If you have a friend who loves a touch of sparkle — and all things Kate Spade — you need to check out Reese Witherspoon’s lifestyle/ecommerce site.

For the quirky-cool friend: ModCloth

The shop has a retro-kitsch vibe, but nothing’s so over-the-top that it veers tacky.  The punny names for the clothes alone are worth a visit.

For that effortlessly cool sister: Of A Kind

You know that person who just seems to pull off any look, and never seems like she’s trying too hard? She probably shops here. The jewelry selection is particularly chic.

For the avid (or aspiring) cook: Fishs Eddy

Sure, Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table are great, but if you’re looking for more affordable (yet still stylish) kitchenware, this is the place to go.

For the art-lover: Society6

If you’re looking for affordable art that you won’t find in 90 percent of your friends’ homes (like you might with Target, Ikea or Home Goods’ prints), this is the place to go. You could lose a few hours just scrolling through the options there, not to mention deciding what to put the print on, like a poster, mug or tote.

For the unabashedly geeky: Think Geek

We ALL have things in our lives we nerd out over; this site happens to collect a lot of those goods in one place.

For the sentimental mom (or wordsmith): One Life Jewelry

Clever and thoughtful inscriptions on the company’s jewelry ensures that every time your pal puts on your gift, he/she is reminded of you — and left with that mushy, “aww, I’m loved” feeling.

For the rebel with a sweet tooth: Johnny Cupcakes

He doesn’t sell baked goods of any kind, but man, are his t-shirt designs sweeeet.

For the person with a playful personality: Uncommon Goods

Fresh out of ideas? Need something unlike anything you’ve seen anywhere else. Try this site. It’s got the “Why didn’t I think of that?” factor on lock.

What are some of your go-to websites for finding great gifts for people? I’d love to add them to this list!

Photo of Draper James storefront: Candace Braun Davison

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