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Starting A “Present Over Perfect” Revolution

Lately, it seems like words wash over me more than I absorb them. My mind feels fractured; even when I think I’m fully present, I find that any lull makes me want to reach for my phone, check that notification, or think up how I’ll respond to that email I really need to send, ASAP.

There’s such a push to be everywhere, doing everything, that it can be hard to unplug — and as a result, we’re (or at least I’m) sloppier with details than ever before. My relationships suffer.

One of the best takeaways from Shauna Niequist's new book, Present Over PerfectSo, starting Monday, I’m rereading a book that tackles this very subject: Present Over Perfect, by Shauna Niequist. It just so happens to coincide with a 6-week study series Niequist is launching to help people get more out of her self-help book. I plan on going through it, slowly but surely, uncovering what I can about myself — and reclaiming what was lost in the ever-present frenzy to be faster, better, closer to some cultural idea of “perfect.”

Niequist’s offering the first two chapters of her book, the first week’s study guide, and a 28-day reflection journal, for free. The first section’s all about pain points: uncovering the life we think we want, and the agony we’ll put ourselves through to get to that ideal. You can download them all here.

Here’s the schedule for the entire series:

  • Week 1 — Pain points
  • Week 2 — The roles we play
  • Week 3 — Yes, and no
  • Week 4 — Unflashy, Unspectacular, Good
  • Week 5 — Living The Love
  • Week 6 — Recap of everything we’ve covered so far

Each week, I’ll post some of the insights I’ve gained, and I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to join me in this discussion, grab a copy, download the free resources, and join me on Twitter (@betweenweekends).

Get a taste of Present Over Perfect with this essay, inspired by a section of her book.


Photo: Averie Woodard/Unsplash

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