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Channel Your Inner BA With This ‘Atomic Blonde’ Costume

Charlize Theron logged hours a day in the gym, bruised her ribs and cracked two teeth preparing for her role as secret agent Lorraine Broughton in this summer’s spy thriller, Atomic Blonde. Thankfully, you don’t have to repeat her regimen in order to steal her look for Halloween (unless you plan on busting out some sick fight-scene choreography, in which case, uh…you do you).

Set in Berlin in the late ’80s, Broughton’s look is edgy and sexy, without being totally impractical for throwing down. Think flat, over-the-knee boots (she can actually run in), sweeper jackets, Ray Bans. It’s Debbie Harry meets Spy Vs. Spy, and it’s the kind of Halloween look you won’t mind rewearing pieces of all year long. Way better than a costume that gets shoved to the back of your closet and forgotten.

Atomic Blonde-inspired costume:

Atomic Blonde Costume Idea, Photos: Amazon, Focus Features
Photos: Amazon, Focus Features


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