These ‘Riverdale’ Costumes Are Even Better Than The Archie Comics’ Reboot

If you cringed at the thought of the Archie comics being revived as a teen drama on CW, you weren’t alone. As much as I loved the series (particularly during painstakingly slow grocery-store checkout lines as a kid), I couldn’t fathom how it’d translate to 2017 without going Fuller House-caliber cheesy. There’s only so much “aw, shucks” the silver screen can handle.

Riverdale‘s showrunners understood that, and took things in a dramatically different direction, leaning into the campiness. The show was dark, bold, and rife with drama — and it hooked people. It easily became one of the year’s guilty pleasures, so naturally, it deserved its own costumes.

Whether you’re more of a Betty, Veronica, or Cheryl, you’ll appreciate these styles.

Betty, Veronica, Or Cheryl Costume:

Riverdale costume ideas (Photos: CW/Amazon)
Riverdale costume ideas (Photos: CW/Amazon)

Hot Topic’s exclusive clothing collection (also sold on Amazon, for you Primesters!) makes getting your Riverdale on easier than ever. Since all three ladies are River Vixens, you could easily go full cheerleader. If you want to skip the squad look, you could just don a cardigan, floral top, jeans and Keds for Betty, go vintage siren for Veronica with a satiny sheath and winged liner, or channel Cheryl with an a-line dress in red and black.


Riverdale Guys’ Costumes:

It doesn’t get much easier than this: Choose your tee and accessory, pair with whatever jeans and sneakers are in your closet, and bam! You’re good to go.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon


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