5 Questions To Ask Before Setting A New Goal / Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Setting A New Goal

We got a late start to mapping out our goals this year. Normally, it’s a Jan. 1 tradition, but 2017 left me feeling a little burned out. I didn’t come close to half of my goals. For most of them, I didn’t even try to make progress toward them. I couldn’t really explain why, either. I just didn’t feel like putting in the work, so I kept pushing it off — which made me realize those goals probably weren’t for me. They’re things that’d look good posted on Instagram (ahem, yoga inversions!) or would make for a good conversation-starter (why yes, I DO speak Greek!), but my heart wasn’t in ’em.

So this year, I eschewed normal resolutions, giving myself an extra week to reflect and reset before designing this year’s goals printable. It sparked a few questions that I hope are helpful for you, too.

  1. What do I want to achieve this year?
  2. What am I so excited about doing that I can’t wait to dive into it, no matter what anyone else may think?
  3. What are the little things that’ll boost my quality of life — and that of those around me?
  4. What are the tedious things I just need to buckle down and get DONE?
  5. What are the “shoulds” I can give myself permission NOT to do? (More on the red-flag nature of that word here.)

Once I identified those, my actual goals became a lot clearer, and it was easier to (1) create measurable steps toward achieving them, and (2) define what “success” looked like in those areas, even if it’s as simple as FINALLY recycling old electronics cluttering our office.

Work through those questions, take a walk, then jot down what you want, what you really, really want (the Spice Girls were onto something!) on the printable below. You know, after you’ve printed it. People still have printers, right? 😉

Photo: Sven Scheuermeier/Unsplash
Photo: Sven Scheuermeier/Unsplash

Top photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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