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IT is about to get real with this Pennywise costume

In 1990, Tim Curry starred as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in a mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT. And thanks to this film, the entire generation of Millennials grew up somewhat-to-completely horrified of Clowns.  Now, 27 years later Pennywise (AKA It) is back with the promise to terrify the next generation’s youth.   It feeds on the fears of children (and spoiler: It also feeds on children) and a group who calls themselves “The Losers Club” read more

Carving out time for Friendsgiving

Next week, Americans all over the country will be celebrating Thanksgiving — that time of the year we can all put our differences aside, appreciate all the many things we’ve been blessed with, and eat all sorts of incredible coma-inducing food.   This week, though, we here at LBW recommend throwing a Friendsgiving party first . If you haven’t jumped on board this new trend it yet, we highly recommend it. Friendsgiving can best be described as an opportunity to hang out with read more

Keeping a Balanced Life with Google Keep

I’ve got a confession for you.  Sometimes, when I am spending time with my wife or hanging out with friends, something happens to me.  It’s subtle at first, like a quiet whisper, and I’ll try to ignore it.  Then, like a symphony that crescendos to a fortissimo, it captures my attention firmly in its grasp.  A thought pops to mind, then another.  And before I can reunite with the world I’m in, my mind begins racing about the next great training topic or important read more

Working for (More Than) the Weekend

Two numbers: 5 & 2. 5 > 2… Every time.

In many ways, this simple equation became the genesis for why Candace and I created LBW. I’ll let you in on a little secret that you already know: there are way more weekday days than weekend days.   Every week, Scout’s honor!  And if this equation has anything to say about it, I think it’s important that we make the most of those ‘5’ each week.

It’s Important to Look for the Signs

I’ll admit it, I am a huge fan of a well-timed motivational quote.  Sure, I might not post a ‘hang in there’ kitten on my wall (largely on account of my extreme allergies to cats and that the mere sight may cause a sneezing frenzy), but I am all about that perfect quote that will inspire at the very moment it is needed most. There is something about those little snippets of advice that just fire me up and help to put everything into perspective.