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New Year, New Commitment To You (And Changes To Our Posting Schedule!)

When this blog launched, I committed to posting three times a week, every week, for a year. By the end of the year, I couldn’t wait to give it up. It was just too much in an already-packed schedule, and had quickly become an obligation. So I slipped to one post a week. Before long, it was one every other week. Then once a month, if that. It was inconsistent, unreliable; I lost my passion and my intent behind the site.

So this year, I’m recommitting. After jotting down my goals for the read more

What To Read Next: ‘Final Girls’ By Riley Sager

Sometimes you need a dark, decadent thriller. You know it’s not going to inspire any earth-shattering bits of wisdom or provide you with groundbreaking insights into the human mind. It’s just, well, thrilling, as you flip from page to page, rushing to outwit the author and figure out whodunnit before the big reveal at the end.

Final read more

“I’m Not Gossiping, I’m Venting” And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

There’s that tension building up inside of you. With each frustration, it mounts. You tell yourself it’s not a big deal, it’s nothing, and then — bam! — you’re seething, and you’ve got to tell someone, anyone, what a colossal frustration you’re forced to put up with.

Maybe that’s not you at all. Maybe you’re a perfectly well-adjusted human who deals with annoyances head-on, or never gets annoyed. Can we meet up for coffee sometime so you can teach read more

Are You An Amplifier Or A Soother?

The most fascinating thing about people is the second you think you’ve got them figured out, they go and surprise you. I’ve always been the journaling type, so for years, I’ve analyzed interactions — with friends, coworkers, family, even acquaintances on the street — trying to understand how I am the way I am, and well, why others are the way they are.

With time, I’ve learned one (highly unscientific and entirely anecdotal) truth: Every person seems to be either read more

Why You Need To Stop Chasing Success

This advice is going to sound totally counterintuitive, though in today’s self-care age, any advice that hopes to crash through the noise of our day-to-day life (and the clickbait-y internet), generally is. For years, I’ve been chasing success. It’s been the gold star that validates me, the thing I push toward every day, because honestly, what’s wrong with taking pride in what you do, and wanting to get better?

But, this little semantics-based essay in Rob Bell’s read more

Shauna Niequist: Uncovering The ‘Pain Points’ In Your Everyday Life

Something about me loves feeling “capable” — that sure, I can take on that extra project, I can organize that party, I can tack that on to my to-do list. There’s a high from feeling efficient, responsible, for just getting it done. And plus, when you do it yourself, you know it’s done the way you want it.

How full of myself does that sound?! And the reality, honestly, is that the more I take on, the less efficiently or thoroughly I do any of it. It’s a rut I read more

Forgiveness Is Not Reconciliation

It was a simple enough statement — the kind you could easily overlook in a conversation — but it shot right through me, taking me from “how isn’t it?” to “whoa, wait — we need to talk through this” in a matter of seconds. It was a simple one-liner, but one I won’t forget any time soon.

“Forgiveness is not reconciliation.”

The statement didn’t make sense to me first. Wasn’t reconciling your differences a key part of forgiving read more

What Sets ‘The Drifter’ Apart From Most Thrillers

Since Florida’s developed a reputation for being the ‘stranger than fiction’ state (see: the FL man Twitter account for all the evidence you’ll ever need), I cringe when I see a novel that’s set there. Often, they’re written by people who’ve visited the state on a few family vacations, who need a creepy-crazy-yet-still-familiar backdrop for whatever they’re writing, so it becomes an over-the-top read more

How To Get Congress To Actually Listen To You

As part of my challenge to talk to people from all backgrounds, with all kinds of beliefs, I’ve had a few conversations lately about writing letters to Congress. I’ve seen big, multi-page missives, short and succinct postcards, and everything in between, which got me wondering: What types of letters truly resonate? What gets through to a Senator or Congressman/Congresswoman, who’s dealing with dozens of issues — and thousands of constituents, not to mention lobbyists and read more

Katy Perry’s New Song Uses A Tiny Hamster to Make a Huge Statement

Katy Perry gave me a colossal wake-up call on Saturday. And she did it using a tiny hamster and even tinier food.

On Friday, Perry released her latest lyric video for her new song, “Chained to the Rhythm.” At first, it — and the video itself — are poppy, upbeat and lighthearted. Just like the popular YouTube series, someone’s making miniature burgers, spaghetti and tacos for a hamster in a little playhouse, all set to electro-dance beats, complete with a follow-the-bouncing-hamster-emoji read more