Frontiers: A Gothic Tour of New Orleans

In our second installment of Frontiers, blogger Meghan R. Rose lets us tag along on her trip to New Orleans (AKA NOLA), where she takes in all the city has to offer, from beignets to voodoo museums.

Frontiers: New Orleans, LA

For the last months of 2014, my man and I had been planning a trip to New Orleans for my birthday in January. We were on all the travel sites, Pinterest, YouTube, everything, before we decided on staying at the Hotel St. Marie, read more

7 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine

You don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy that red, pink and all-things-heart-shaped holiday known as Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s a perfect excuse to #treatyoself. (But if you are in a relationship, you could always just forward these ideas to your partner in crime.)

Here are just a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas so you’re not scrambling during the week to figure out what to do next Saturday:

Host a Date Night at Home: Pick up the Date Night In Cookbook, (and a picnic basket full of ingredients to make one of the dishes inside doesn’t hurt, either). Single? Um, perfect excuse to invite your unattached friends over for a dinner party. Our favorite cookbooks: Tiny Food Party and Claire Robinson’s

read more

What You Must Keep in Mind When You’re Pursuing Your Passion

Even if you love what you’re doing, there will be times when you absolutely hate following that passion. It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be monotonous, it’s going to feel utterly unrewarding. And as awful as it is to hear it, that’s something you must keep in mind when you’re starting (or slogging along with) any creative project.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Truffle Blossom Cookies

I’ve always been a fan of peanut butter blossoms — you know, those dense cookies with the Hershey’s Kiss on top — but the chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio has always felt a little off. You get one bite of mega-cocoa-y goodness, sandwiched between two “meh” bites of straight-up peanut butter cookie. (Confession: As a kid, I would eat the center and toss the edges from time to time.)

Then, one day, I asked myself something that thousands of people have probably read more

Frontiers: 8 Reasons You Must Visit Chicagoland

Introducing a new series at Life Between Weekends: Frontiers! We’re convinced that everyone has their own version of the city they live in — places they love to eat, visit and hang out at that you absolutely can’t miss — so in each edition, we’ll ask one person to give us a tour of their town. Don’t see your city represented? Want to offer another take on your hometown? Email us.

Frontiers: Chicagoland

If you’re visiting Chicago, you better make a trip outside of the read more

How to Know Your Worth (and When to Raise Prices)

When writing nugget-sized bits of information, I often start headline-first, especially when writing online: It’s the thesis statement that sets the tone for my whole writeup. This one could easily skew self-help, but today, I’m taking the practical route.

One of the most common problems I’ve heard entrepreneurs talk about is how achingly hard to put a price on what you do. You don’t want to set the prices too high, scaring people away (and thus giving yourself a not-good-enough complex read more

Happy Monday! Get Free Chipotle Today

Turns out, there is such a thing as a free lunch, though your lunch isn’t techinically free today. If you order an entree featuring sofritas — a shredded tofu that’s braised with chipotle chilis, roasted poblano peppers and spices — on Monday, Jan. 26th, make sure you ask for the receipt. Show it to Chipotle employees on your next visit, as long as it’s between Jan. 27th and Feb. 28th, and you’ll score a free burrito, tacos, salad or burrito bowl. 

This is not read more

What Red Velvet Oreos Really Taste Like

For months, it seemed like the unicorn of the Internet: People had Photoshopped Oreo bags, tempting us all with the fervent hope that one day, Red Velvet Oreos would come to the shelves of the Publixes, Piggly Wigglys and Key Foods we frequent.

That day has come.

Or rather, that day is Feb. 2nd.

Red Velvet Oreos will hit stores on Groundhog Day, but you can sign up to receive an early sample here. We were lucky enough to snag read more

The Danger of Making Rules

As someone who loves creating to-do lists and planning goals, today’s Takeaway Tuesday really hit home. All too often I fall into that trap of, ‘If I do X, Y and Z, then this will happen!” and I’m bummed when things don’t work out according to plan. -Candace

Tuesday Takeaway: Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you probably live by a set of rules. Maybe they’re based on the law, getting along with your friends and family (“On Wednesdays, we wear pink”) or working read more

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