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Who We Are:

Hi! We’re Nate and Candace, the founders of Life Between Weekends, a lifestyle site dedicated to helping you take the “argh” out of your weekdays. We believe that no one should live for the weekends alone, so every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we’re rolling out a fresh idea, recipe or insight to help you make the most of the next 24 hours.

Life Between Weekends (or LBW, or LBdubs if you’re gangster) is divided into three categories:

  • Food: Recipes, food trends and baking/cooking hacks
  • Fun: Things to do, fashion/pop culture trends, short stories, “Why Don’t You…” double-dog dares and other entertaining extras
  • Fulfillment: Career advice, guides to finding (and getting) your dream job, volunteer work and other ways to live meaningfully

Contact Us:

We’re always looking for new contributors, story ideas, advertising/sponsorship opportunities and pen pals, so feel free to write to us at any time:

2 thoughts on “About/Contact”

  1. I just bought the book – The wonder society- in the Netherlands!
    And found your site through the booktitle. What a great idea you had there!
    I am curious about what i will still find here!
    Greatings! Susanne

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