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Starting A “Present Over Perfect” Revolution

Lately, it seems like words wash over me more than I absorb them. My mind feels fractured; even when I think I’m fully present, I find that any lull makes me want to reach for my phone, check that notification, or think up how I’ll respond to that email I really need to send, ASAP.

There’s such a push to be everywhere, doing everything, that it can be hard to unplug — and as a result, we’re read more

Pretend It’s Someone’s Birthday Today

Two years ago, my cousin Shania (then 11), pulled one delicious, delicious prank: She discretely whispered to our server that it was my mom’s birthday, and at the end of our meal, half a dozen waiters plopped a chocolate fudge cake in front of us and serenaded Mom with a rousing rendition of “Happy birthday.”

At first, we all felt anxious—this had to be going to the wrong table! There’s a mixup! We’re going to get in trouble! We can’t just accept free cake read more