How To Save A Pepto-Bismol Pink Bathroom

Joanna Gaines, give me your strength. Christina El Moussa, your reno skills, please. I’ll need all the help I can get, because our new bathroom is pink. Very pink.

When Nate and I bought our house, we hit the jackpot. Most of the rooms were recently renovated, from new windows to central A/C, but one area was woefully neglected: the downstairs bathroom. It’s pink, and not in the trendy, questionable-marketing-ploy known as “millennial read more

What To Expect From An OrangeTheory Class

Sweat’s dripping down my temples, my heart rate monitor looks like it — or maybe my heart itself — might burst, and I’m flopping around, off-rhythm, attempting jumping jacks with a massive medicine ball. I have Britney Spears to thank for all of this. Well, her and Flip Or Flop‘s Christina El Moussa.

Britney introduced me to OrangeTheory, with a promo for the group fitness classes blasting not-so-subtly in the background read more

Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It: Moon Dust Banana Bread

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little woo-woo. Not quite hunting-down-Bigfoot-while-wearing-tin-foil-hats, but more like, I’m into trying new things, no matter how bizarre they might seem. It’s good to be open minded, right? So, when a box of Moon Dust — the very stuff raved about on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site, Goop — crossed my desk, I kept it on the shelf for eight months. Then, randomly yesterday (maybe because I was wearing a rose quartz necklace, which read more

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Setting A New Goal

We got a late start to mapping out our goals this year. Normally, it’s a Jan. 1 tradition, but 2017 left me feeling a little burned out. I didn’t come close to half of my goals. For most of them, I didn’t even try to make progress toward them. I couldn’t really explain why, either. I just didn’t feel like putting in the work, so I kept pushing it off — which made read more

New Year, New Commitment To You (And Changes To Our Posting Schedule!)

When this blog launched, I committed to posting three times a week, every week, for a year. By the end of the year, I couldn’t wait to give it up. It was just too much in an already-packed schedule, and had quickly become an obligation. So I slipped to one post a week. Before long, it was one every other week. Then once a month, if that. It was inconsistent, unreliable; I lost my passion and my intent behind the site.

So this year, I’m recommitting. After jotting down my goals for the read more

Found: New York’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

When I first moved to New York, I had a lengthy to-do list. An incredibly unusual to-do list. Most people can’t leave the city without hitting up the Empire State building or Statue of Liberty, going to a Yankees or Mets game, or doing classically New York things, like hailing a cab or eating $1 pizza.

Not me. My entire list was desserts-focused. Blame it on running a food blog in college, read more

Trying Something New: Going “Bro-Country” For A Night

There’s a dog on the stage, singers are swilling whiskey straight from the bottle, and my husband and I are definitely the only people in this 30,000-person arena who don’t know a single word to the songs they’re singing. In fact, we’ve never heard most of them before.

We don’t even like country music. At least, I’ve never considered myself a fan. And yet, we’re having the time of our lives.

Florida Georgia Line
Florida Georgia Line (Photos: Candace Braun Davison)

So how did we end up here? Well, at the beginning of 2017, I made read more

These ‘Swamp Thing Brownies’ Will Be The Hit Of Your Halloween Party

There are so many reasons to love these brownies: They’re stuffed with Oreos. They’re like Thin Mints in fudgy dessert form. They’re topped with googly candy eyes. They’re delightfully kitschy and absurd. And you can’t fail at making them.

To be honest, these Swamp Thing Brownies happened serendipitously. I had a package of mint Oreos, and they were too dangerous to keep around, just sitting on my shelf, tempting me. I needed to turn them into a dessert I could share read more

IT is about to get real with this Pennywise costume

In 1990, Tim Curry starred as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in a mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT. And thanks to this film, the entire generation of Millennials grew up somewhat-to-completely horrified of Clowns.  Now, 27 years later Pennywise (AKA It) is back with the promise to terrify the next generation’s youth.   It feeds on the fears of children (and spoiler: It also feeds on children) and a group who calls themselves “The Losers Club” read more

Channel Your Inner BA With This ‘Atomic Blonde’ Costume

Charlize Theron logged hours a day in the gym, bruised her ribs and cracked two teeth preparing for her role as secret agentĀ Lorraine Broughton in this summer’s spy thriller, Atomic Blonde. Thankfully, you don’t have to repeat her regimen in order to steal her look for Halloween (unless you plan on busting out some sick fight-scene choreography, in which case, uh…you do you).

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