These ‘Riverdale’ Costumes Are Even Better Than The Archie Comics’ Reboot

If you cringed at the thought of the Archie comics being revived as a teen drama on CW, you weren’t alone. As much as I loved the series (particularly during painstakingly slow grocery-store checkout lines as a kid), I couldn’t fathom how it’d translate to 2017 without going Fuller House-caliber cheesy. There’s only so much “aw, shucks” the silver screen can handle.

Riverdale‘s showrunners understood that, and took things in a dramatically different read more

Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do” Costume Ideas

Choosing just one costume out of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video is like choosing just one Illuminati-esque hidden symbol in it to obsess over. You don’t want to stick to one thing, but somehow, you must.

Swift lampoons all aspects of her image — both current media headlines and every persona she’s portrayed and been portrayed as over the past decade — in the clip. As she drags out her most popular looks, it’s as good a time read more

What To Read Next: ‘Final Girls’ By Riley Sager

Sometimes you need a dark, decadent thriller. You know it’s not going to inspire any earth-shattering bits of wisdom or provide you with groundbreaking insights into the human mind. It’s just, well, thrilling, as you flip from page to page, rushing to outwit the author and figure out whodunnit before the big reveal at the end.

Final read more

“I’m Not Gossiping, I’m Venting” And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

There’s that tension building up inside of you. With each frustration, it mounts. You tell yourself it’s not a big deal, it’s nothing, and then — bam! — you’re seething, and you’ve got to tell someone, anyone, what a colossal frustration you’re forced to put up with.

Maybe that’s not you at all. Maybe you’re a perfectly well-adjusted human who deals with annoyances head-on, or never gets annoyed. Can we meet up for coffee sometime so you can teach read more

You’ve Got To Try This Sweet-Yet-Smoky BBQ Peach Chicken

I’ve never been peach picking. I only eat peaches two or three times a year, max. So it only makes sense that when a friend suggested we drive an hour out to a farm in New Jersey to fill baskets with peaches that’d go bad in a week if I didn’t eat them immediately, I said, “OMG, yes! How’s Saturday?!”

I’d figure out what to do with those peaches later, as I stared at a massive serving bowl overflowing with 40 of the fuzzy fruit. My friend, Meggy, had 63.

read more

Are You An Amplifier Or A Soother?

The most fascinating thing about people is the second you think you’ve got them figured out, they go and surprise you. I’ve always been the journaling type, so for years, I’ve analyzed interactions — with friends, coworkers, family, even acquaintances on the street — trying to understand how I am the way I am, and well, why others are the way they are.

With time, I’ve learned one (highly unscientific and entirely anecdotal) truth: Every person seems to be either read more

5 Shops For Fun, Unexpected Gifts

Lately, I’ve noticed a string of thought-driven, semi-boho (and, perhaps, largely Anthropologie-inspired) shops popping up, and I couldn’t love them more. I like finding presents with personality; things that speak to me and have a message behind them, a story to tell. That’s how I feel about these brands, which have become my go-to’s when looking for unexpected gifts for people. Or, you know, my own #treatyoself moments.

Altar’d State

Photo: Altar'd State
Photo: Altar’d State

Often, faith-based stores are a little too treacly read more

Why You Need To Stop Chasing Success

This advice is going to sound totally counterintuitive, though in today’s self-care age, any advice that hopes to crash through the noise of our day-to-day life (and the clickbait-y internet), generally is. For years, I’ve been chasing success. It’s been the gold star that validates me, the thing I push toward every day, because honestly, what’s wrong with taking pride in what you do, and wanting to get better?

But, this little semantics-based essay in Rob Bell’s read more

This ‘Liquid Run’ Is Basically A Floating Water Park

As temperatures climb past 90 — when it’s so scorching your clothes get damp with sweat within minutes of walking outside and garbage cans are literally melting under the sun — finding the motivation to exercise can be nearly impossible.

Well, with this new kind of race, your motivation will be restored. It’s called the Liquid Run, and it’s a gigantic floating obstacle course assembled right on the shore. Think of it like read more

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