5 Surprises Hidden at Universal Studios You Need to Know About

When you’re headed to Universal Studios, or any theme park really, there are a few musts beforehand: Check out the newest rides, create a plan of attack, maybe even plan what you’re going to wear (no sweating, no chafing, no freezing on indoor rides, no blistered feet). You’ve brought cash and packed sunscreen, and you’ve basically thought of everything. Well, almost everything.

You see, what you may not have realized is that there are several Easter eggs hidden throughout

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How Will 2017 Be Different Than Any Other Year?

As much as I cringe at the thought of writing new year’s resolutions, I come up with a few (okay, sometimes several) every January, and 2017 is no different. I just carefully dodge the word ‘resolution,’ as if by calling it some other name, I won’t doom it to an early grave by Jan. 12th. Oddly enough, that often works*, but not because of the name change.

It’s largely because I get geeky with it, designing and printing out a card that I hang on my wall — no

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone You Know

It’s that time of year! You know, when you try to carefully word questions to friends and family, stalk their Instagram and Pinterest accounts, and do any other means of creative sleuthing (and mind-reading) to come up with the perfect gift for everyone on your list. It’s no easy task, so we scoured the web for some interesting oddities, categorizing them into Life Between Weekends’ primary sections: food, fun and fulfillment.

Check out our roundup, and if you still need more

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What’s the Deal with Bullet Journals?

At first, bullet journals seemed like nothing more than a smoke-and-mirrors case of slick rebranding. Keeping a standard journal seems run-of-the-mill, and so does maintaining a planner, but when you combine the two and give it a buzzy-yet-vague name: BOOM! It’s trendy.

Essentially, it’s a planner-meets-diary hybrid, with a touch of scrapbooking, as you map out to-do lists and your goals

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The Worst Thing You Can Do When You’re Anxious (and What to Try Instead)

You’ve heard it a million times before: When your stomach’s in knots, your mouth is dry, and inside you’re about three seconds from completely freaking out, you should calm down. Take deep breaths. Meditate. Do whatever you can to slow down and clear your mind.

But, as it turns out, you may just be making things worse.

An Inside Look at Chip and Joanna Gaines’s New Magazine, The Magnolia Journal

In the past few years, Chip and Joanna Gaines have gone from Waco wunderkinds to household names. They’ve gone from starring in HGTV’s Fixer Upper and running a housewares shop in their Texas hometown to opening a bakery, fixing up a cafe, running a bed and breakfast, writing a memoir, launching paint, wallcoverings and rug lines and — whew! Are you getting winded just reading this? — now, debuting a lifestyle magazine. It’s enough to make even the most

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7 Ways to Spend Halloween If You Don’t Have Plans

No insane Halloween party this year?  Too old to go trick-or-treating (at least, that’s what your neighbors seem to always say as they roll their eyes after seeing you at the door)? No worries. Here are a few last-minute ways to make the most of All Hallows Eve — without accidentally lighting a black flame candle and letting out a trio of soul-sucking witches, Hocus Pocus-style.

You’ve Got to See These Incredible Jack O’ Lanterns

It’s hard to fathom what 5,000 Jack O’ Lanterns looks like until you’re standing in a field surrounded by them. Even then, the awe comes in waves: First, there’s the surprise of the sheer volume — so many pumpkins! Then, the manpower behind them: How many hours did it take to carve them all?! Even the really basic, triangle-eyes-and-semicircle-mouth variety takes a while. And what happened to the guts? They must have pumpkin seeds for weeks!

Photos: Nathan Davison

But, the true shock and

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Everything You Need for Halloween ’16

The Halloween countdown has already begun (less than two weeks!), and unless you’re totally anti-All Hallows Eve, there’s a good chance you’ve been mentally debating (A) what to be, (B) what to do that night, and (C) how to make the most of the spooky season.

We hear you, because we’re right there too — and we’re here to help you out. For the fourth year in a row, Collegiate Cook‘s running its three-week-long tribute

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3 Self-Help Books That Won’t Make You Gag

Let’s be real: It’s hard not to roll your eyes at the very topic of self-help books. So many of them are treacly at best, filled with the sort of one-size-fits-all advice you grew up seeing on posters in middle school guidance counselors’ offices.

After working at Oprah.com for a few years, I felt like I’d seen it all. Books of every variety crossed my desk, but I soon learned there’s a select few that are absolutely worth your time. They’re often business or

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